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Exploring Oman Residency Options: A Guide for Expats

Oman, a land of breathtaking landscapes and rich cultural heritage, offers a unique and inviting opportunity for expatriates seeking to call this enchanting Gulf nation their home. In this comprehensive guide, we delve into the various residency options available for expats looking to establish roots in Oman. From the attractive benefits of long-term residency permits to the ease of establishing a business in the country, we provide valuable insights into the processes, requirements, and advantages of each pathway. Whether you’re drawn to the pristine beaches of Muscat, the awe-inspiring mountains, or the vibrant markets of Salalah, this guide will assist you in navigating the complexities of Oman’s residency options, ensuring that your journey to a new life in the Sultanate is as smooth and rewarding as the destination itself.

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Types of residency in Oman

1. Employment Residency:

  • Job Offer: Secure a job offer from an Omani employer.
  • Employer’s Responsibility: The employer typically assists in the residency process.
  • Documentation: Provide required documents such as a valid passport, medical tests, and educational/professional certificates.

2. Investor Residency:

  • Investment: Make a substantial investment in Oman, often in the form of real estate or starting a business.
  • Business Plan: Present a comprehensive business plan outlining your investment.
  • Legal Assistance: Seek legal advice to ensure compliance with investment regulations.

3. Property Residency:

  • Property Ownership: Purchase a property in Oman.
  • Minimum Investment: Ensure your property meets the minimum investment criteria.
  • Documentation: Provide property ownership documents and fulfill other requirements.

4. Family Joining Residency:

  • Family Ties: If you have close family members already residing in Oman, they may sponsor your residency.
  • Sponsorship Letter: A letter from your family member stating their ability to sponsor you.

5. Retirement Residency:

  • Age Criteria: Some countries offer residency to retirees. Check Oman’s specific requirements.
  • Financial Stability: Demonstrate financial stability to support yourself without employment.

Oman Investor Residency Programs

Oman offers two distinct Investor Residency Programs, categorized as Tier One and Tier Two, each providing pathways for foreign investors to secure extended residency in the Sultanate.

Tier One:

Investment Options:

  1. Make a minimum investment of RO500,000 in a limited liability company, public joint-stock company, or government bonds.
  2. Purchase a property in the Sultanate valued at RO500,000.
  3. Establish a company employing a minimum of 50 Omani nationals (specification of company capital not required).


Validity Duration:

  • The Tier One Extended Residency permit in Oman is valid for ten (10) years, with the possibility of extension.



  • To obtain an Oman residence card, the applicant incurs a fee of RO500, and for each first-degree relative, the fee is RO100.

Tier Two:

Investment Options:

  1. Make a minimum investment of RO250,000 in a limited liability company or public joint-stock company.
  2. Purchase a property in the Sultanate valued at RO250,000.
  3. Expatriate workers currently residing in Oman who wish to retire in the Sultanate can obtain an Extended Residence permit by providing evidence of a fixed income of no less than 4000 Omani Riyals per month.


Validity Duration:

  • Similar to Tier One, the Tier Two Extended Residency permit is valid for ten (10) years, subject to extension.



  • The fees for obtaining an Oman residence card for Tier Two are RO500 for the applicant and RO100 for each first-degree relative.

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